Welcome to The Mariana Trench, a solo or 2 player pocket sized game that plays in 10-15 minutes.

Your objective as a deep-sea researcher is to explore the Trench, guide your sub through fathoms of water to find mysterious and amazing sea creatures as you descend to the Trench floor.

Will you become a renowned research scientist, or will you fall foul to the creatures that lurk beneath its surface? 


Faultless art and as a game it’s really, really smooth, it’s a double thumbs up for me!

Dave the GreyHairy Game Lords

If you are into solo games and are looking for a nice filler you can just fit in your briefcase, your backpack or even your pocket then this is a game for you!

William J. Brown IIIThe Hungry Board Gamer

I’ve played this game solo and this is where the game absolutely shines for me, it’s one of those games that’s so addictive.

Hipster KingHairy Game Lords